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PostSubject: TEMPORAL GUARDS FLEET RULES & INFORMATION   Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:48 pm

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[TG] Temporal Guards Founding Members 

HaWkEyE | V'ger | Rough Rider | Stanley DeWalt

The Prime Directive

Temporal Guards was formed with one primary goal: to assemble a group of active players who enjoy both Star Trek and Timelines. Since its inception, [TG] has continued to grow and change into more than what it was originally intended to be. It now represents a group of dedicated players who actively participate, communicate, and work together—and it continues to evolve. Those interested in becoming part of that journey—and those already part of it—are required to abide by the following Rules and Regulations.

[TG] Rules & Regulations

Minimum Level

Prospective members of [TG] must meet the minimum level requirement of 30.

Member Communication

Communication is the most important requirement for [TG] members. All members are required to register on the [TG] forum. The forum details important fleet communications and is the primary means of communication between members.  

On the forum, players have access to an ever-growing source of useful information and are encouraged to post to be a part of the community and check regularly for updated information.  The forum has Blue Alert, Yellow Alert and Red Alert posts which draw attention to the important topics and polls to discuss game and fleet activities.  

Using the in-game chat is another way to connect and it is encouraged. Because of the nature of Star Trek Timelines, Private Messages and Squad Chats disappear after a short time, so it is essential to check for communication whenever possible.  if a player needs advice or just wants to chat, hailing frequencies are always open.


The prefix [TG] is required for all members and squads. Represent!

Character names should not be offensive, inappropriate, or vulgar.

Members should use the same—or similar— names for both the game and the forum.

Player Activity

A member that has been away five days without communication will be considered inactive and subject to dismissal from the fleet.

When a member is dismissed from the fleet after 5 days inactivity, the player will be put into "Friend of the Fleet" status. In-game you will be removed from the roster, however, your account will still exist on the website. Allowing players to reconnect should they return to fight another day. If a pattern develops of someone coming and going, you will not be allowed to re-join.

Members should use the “Away” status in the Forum Calendar to indicate when they will be inactive longer than five (5) days. Doing so will ensure that no members are removed from [TG] by mistake.

[TG] has no problem with members taking time off or dealing with real life before game life. The only thing that we expect is clear communication.

Personal Daily Missions

Members should complete their daily missions in order to ensure the fleet receives all daily rewards. 

Players should make a conscious effort to donate components to the starbase.
Once the fleet daily requirement has reached 1100—the level required for the maximum Chroniton reward—we encourage members to stop donating and save their components for the following day.

Event Participation

While there is no minimum requirement for placement in weekly events, [TG] expects all members to actively participate. This means that members are expected to put in more than minimum effort. In other words, running just a handful of missions to take advantage of fleet and community rewards is not enough.

If there is a concern over a member’s level of activity, a Fleet Officer will offer them the opportunity to discuss their level of involvement and ways to improve. Repeated violations will be grounds for dismissal from [TG].

What matters to us is the consistent effort. Fleets grow together, and failing to put in effort affects those around you.

The Code of Conduct

Be respectful to fellow members, for we are all equal.  It is not the duty of a Starfleet officer to force people to align with their point of view. It is their duty to protect the rights of their peers to disagree.

There is no tolerance for abusive, profane, threatening, racist, or obscene images or messages.  

Discussions and communications should be done in a civil manner. We hope everyone is understanding and able to have mature conversations.  

Respect officers.

Respect the Game, You don't have to be in this Fleet to play, but you have to play to be in this Fleet.

Be modest and mature. Any concerns about other members should be brought to the attention of an officer.

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